Arbeitsgemeinschaft Dresdner Studentennetz

Maintenance at Zellescher Weg

Zellescher Weg

Written by Sebastian Schrader, 2018-07-27. Permalink

On Saturday, Juli 28th, we will change parts of the fiber cabling at Zellescher Weg. This could result in brief outages.

Outage Borsbergstraße 34

Borsbergstraße 34

Written by Justin Künzel, 2018-07-25. Permalink

Currently we have detected an outage of our switch in the 5th floor of Borsbergstraße 34. This is causing network problems in this building. We are already working on this issue and are close to fixing it.

Update: The switch was replaced, so the network problems should be resolved.

English translation of forms

All members

Written by Vincent Knyrim, 2018-07-04. Permalink

Due to the new European General Data Protection Regulation we had to split up and revise our forms. Up to this point the new versions of the membership application, services form and moving notification were only available in German.

Now the services form and moving notification are available in English, too, so you do not have to use the German version anymore.

Since the membership application form is basically the written contract between our members and the AG DSN, we want its translation to be legally verified before deploying it. Thus, you can not use it to apply for membership at the moment. However, to make filling in the German version easier for you, we added the current English translation as a reference to our help sheet (on page 2): universallyfor Gerokstraßefor Hochschulstraße

If you should find any mistranslations, please let us know!

Fiber link to Gerokstraße


Written by Sebastian Trebbin, 2018-06-25. Permalink

Due to the expansion of the Studentenwerk owned fiber network, we could connect the dormitory Gerokstraße 38 over fiber to our core network. With this change we increased the uplink bandwidth to 10 Gbit/s, so also the members in Gerokstraße can use the full speed concurrently.

Confirmation of new constitution

All members

Written by Friedrich Zahn, 2018-06-15. Permalink

During the last general assembly we changed our constitution. On the 17th of May the Students' Council of TU Dresden accepted our changes, the minutes of that meeting will get linked here as soon as they are published.

The main changes were the removal of an inactive rule regarding voting remotely via telecommunication, and we removed the strict limit on our activities to the area of Dresden, so that we can now help the students in Tharandt and beyond as well.

Network changes in Hochschulstraße


Written by Richard Mörbitz, 2018-06-13. Permalink

Due to firmware updates on our network access components there will be short interruptions in internet connectivity on 16th June between 10am and 2pm.

We give our best to keep them as short as possible and apologize for the inconvenience.

Lightning Strike Neuberinstraße


Written by Felix Kluge, 2018-06-11. Permalink

Due to a lightning strike on 10th of june 2018 our network equipment at Neuberinstraße got heavily damaged. We try to replace all affected devices as soon as possible. Sadly the devices have to be replaced before a network connection is possible again.

Update 2018-06-18: Over the last week we replaced the affected hardware, since Saturday your connections are reenabled. Please make sure to use the updated settings! IP-addresses have to be acquired dynamically via DHCP, the old static configurations do not work anymore.

Traffic volume increased to 10 GiB/d

All members

Written by Julian Fölsch, 2018-05-30. Permalink

After oberserving the traffic over the last few weeks we are increasing the traffic volume to 10GiB/d, starting now! The next upgrade will be discussed when our uplink capacity to the ZIH is increased.

No office hours on 2018-06-07

All members

Written by Julian Fölsch, 2018-05-30. Permalink

Due to our annual dinner there will be no office hours next Thursday, 2018-06-07.

HTTP Cache for Steam available at Hochschulstraße now


Written by Richard Mörbitz, 2018-05-22. Permalink

Due to the network changes at the last weekend, the steam cache is available for members at Hochschulstraße as well now.

Once you have enabled the service in your usersuite, your downloads from Steam will be redirected to our cache. With that you reduce bandwith usage on our uplink to the university and improve the quality of services in our network.

Network changes in Hochschulstraße


Written by Richard Mörbitz, 2018-05-16. Permalink

We're going to perform changes in the network infrastructure of our dormitories Hochschulstraße 46 and 48 on the 19th of May 2018 between 11:00 am and 5:00 pm. During this period connectivity issues and outages are to be expected. After that, we can provide services there that have been available in other buildings for quite some time. We try to keep the outages as short as possible. The international guesthouse (Hochschulstraße 50) is not affected.

Those who are interested are invited to visit us in our office (basement of Hochschulstraße 46) during the operation.