Arbeitsgemeinschaft Dresdner Studentennetz


Our central meeting place for our active members and teams is the NOC (Network Operations Center) at Räcknitzhöhe 35, in the Universa-Haus.

At AG DSN we are working in 5 different teams. Every team is in charge of its own tasks, to deal with these we meet up regularly. The teams may be devided in 3 technical teams and 2 organizational teams:

Technical Teams

Network active & passiv networkhardware, network protocols, structure of network Thu. 8:20 pm, even calendar weeks
Computing serverhardware & equipment like NAS, virtualization software Thu. 7 pm, uneven calendar weeks (cw mod 4 = 3)
Services applications and runtime environments Thu. 7 pm, uneven calendar weeks (cw mod 4 = 1)

Organizational Teams

Office & Support administration of offices and organization of our support Wed. 8:30 pm, even calendar weeks
Public Relations & Internal Affairs public image & promotion of AG DSN, structure and commnuications Thu. 8 pm, uneven calendar weeks (cw mod 4 = 3)

All topics not covered by teams will be discussed at the management board or be passed to our general assembly ("Vollversammlung").

Participating: If you every wanted to participate in a student network and impact the livestyle of one you are very welcome to join in one of our team meetings. Otherwise just send us an email.