Arbeitsgemeinschaft Dresdner Studentennetz


As a Member you have an email account on our system. Important announcements and notifications regarding your membership (e. g. overdue payment) are sent to this email account. We strongly recommend you to check your mails regularly or to set up an email address for forwarding in the usersuite, if you do not intend to use your email account with us.

What is my email address?#

Your email address is <username>

Replace <username> with your username you use to login into the usersuite. Your username is also displayed under "account name" after logging in.

You received your initial password together with a copy of your membership application. You can always change your password (and should change it initially) in the usersuite.

Do I need to use my AG DSN email account?#

Important announcements and notifications regarding your membership (e. g. overdue payment) are sent via email.

If you do not want to use your AG DSN email account, you can forward your emails to an existent email address in the usersuite.

Why should I use my AG DSN email account?#

Your mails and data of this email-account are stored on servers located in dormitories in Dresden.

In contrast to big American or German providers we do not work based on profit and are therefore not under the pressure to monetize your data.

Retrieve your emails#


The simplest way to retrieve your mail is using your web browser. The webmailer is located at In order to login you have to use your entire email address (i.e., including as username. You can change additional settings regarding your account using the webmail interface.

Email client#

You can use an email client which provides additional functionality to organize and encrypt your data. We recommend Thunderbird, which is already installed on most Linux distributions or can be installed using a package manager.

We will now describe a quick setup using Thunderbird. Every other email client should work in a similar way.

1) Add a new account: File > New > Mail Account ...

2) Enter your personal data, your email address <username> and your password.

3) Thunderbird should detect the server settings automatically. If that doesn't work, you will have to type the following server settings under Manual Config:

  Hostname Protocol (port) SSL Authentication
Incoming IMAP (993) SSL/TLS normal, password
Outgoing SMTP (465) SSL/TLS normal, password

Forwarding emails#

It is possible to forward all emails you receive on your AG DSN account to another already existing email address. You can set up email forwarding in the usersuite.

Filtering emails#

For filtering emails, Sieve is employed on the server. Since Sieve is too feature-rich to be explained here, we refer to the official documentation.

Configuration of Sieve filters#

Sieve filters are configured using ManageSieve, for which, e.g., this client can be used. Alternatively, the filters can be managed using the webmailer. In order to do so, first, under Settings→Filters a filter set has to be created. Then the individual filters can be configured under ⚙→Edit filter set or using the graphical tooling. Using ⚙→Enable/Disable exactly one filter set can be selected.

Testing and debugging#

In order to check whether the filters work as intended, take a look into the Sieve log. The credentials are the same as for accessing your inbox. You can apply your filters to emails received previously by moving them into the special folder Refilter. This folder has to be created beforehand.

Filtering spam#

The default filter set moves each email that is classified as spam into the folder called Spam. If you want to filter spam in one of your own filter sets, you have to check the flag X-Spam. Here yes means that the email has been classified as spam.