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We offer a permanently installed WLAN called agdsn in some of the dormitories which are supplied with internet by us. The coverage (see map below) is constantly being expanded by us. If you are visiting one of these dormitories, you will have internet access there regardless of your place of residence.

Attention: Due to security concerns you're credentials for the wifi are different from your general credantials for our website. If you don't have your wifi credentials yet, you can get or reset them in your Usersuite.

Setting up the network

Please use the configuration assistants to configure the WiFi on your devices.

For Android devices the assistant can be found in the Google Play Store. Please select ”agdsn” as the network in the app.

For all other devices (Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, ChromeOS) the assistant can be found here.

For username and password please use your username and the WiFi password shown in the Usersuite.

If you forgot your login data for the Usersuite, please contact our Support.

Configure manually

Except on Apple devices it is also possible to configure the WiFi manually. If you wan't to do so, please use the following settings:

SSID agdsn
Security WPA2/WPA3 Enterprise
External authentication (EAP method) T(unneled )TLS
Inner Authentication (Phase 2) PAP
CA certificate System validated (Android) or /etc/ssl/certs/ca-certificates.crt (Linux)
Anonymous identity
Username Your username
Password Your WiFi password

If your device doesn't support system validated certificates, use this certificate (fingerprint 59:0D:2D:7D:88:4F:40:2E:61:7E:A5:62:32:17:65:CF:17:D8:94:E9).


We can already provide full coverage of some dormitories (marked green in the map). You won't need a own router to get wifi access in this dormitories. In some other buildings we can provide only partial coverage (marked blue in the map). There you'll need your own router to get wifi in your room. We're planning to provide full coverage for all dormitories in the long term.

Privacy policy

Responsible person

Studentenrat der Technischen Universität Dresden Arbeitsgemeinschaft Dresdner Studentennetz Helmholtzstr. 10 01069 Dresden

(hereafter AG DSN)

Contact details of the data protection officer responsible for the AG DSN: Datenschutzbeauftragte:r:

Studentenrat der Technischen Universität Dresden Datenschutzbeauftragte:r Helmholtzstr. 10 01069 Dresden E-Mail:

Data collected

  • Device MAC
  • Device IP
  • Username
  • Device Operating System
  • Device Host-name
  • Location and Signal Quality (not saved)

The MAC, IP and username are strictly necessary to operate the network and thereby processed under Art. 6 1) b) of the GDPR. The other points are processed by Art. 6 1 f) of the GDPR. The location and signal quality is monitored to get information about the quality of service and best placement of access points in the building.

Processing and access

The above data will be stored and processed electronically. All active members of the AG DSN gain access to this data after being informed about the Sächsische Datenschutzgesetz.

If we are faced with problems that cannot be solved by us, it may also happen that third parties commissioned by us to solve the problem gain access to this data.

Automated decision making


Data transfer

If required by law (non-exhaustive list: UrhG) §101 Abs. 9 or TKG §112, §113), collected data will be passed on to authorized third parties. In the event of violations of the framework network regulations of the ZIH or the user regulations of the DFN, data may be passed on to these third parties.

Your rights

You have the following rights: * Right of access according to DSGVO Art. 15 * Right to rectification according to DSGVO Art. 16 * Right to erasure according to DSGVO Art. 17 * Right to restriction of processing according to DSGVO Art. 18 * Right to data portability according to DSGVO Art. 20 * Right to object according to DSGVO Art. 21

According to DSGVO Art. 77, there is a right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority.

You can revoke your consent to the processing of personal data at any time. This right of revocation also applies to consents which you have given before the DSGVO (25.05.2018) came into force. Please note that such a revocation is only effective for the future. Data processing that took place before the revocation is therefore not affected by the revocation.

Please send your objection to

Consequences of the objection

If you object to or restrict the processing of your data, your access to the test mode will be deleted and you will no longer be able to participate in this test phase.