Arbeitsgemeinschaft Dresdner Studentennetz


We offer a permanently installed WLAN ("WiFi") called agdsn in some of the dormitories which are supplied with internet by us. The coverage (see map below) is constantly being expanded by us. If you are visiting one of these dormitories, you will have internet access there regardless of your place of residence.

Attention: Due to security concerns the credentials for the WLAN are different from your general credantials for our website. If you don't have your WLAN credentials yet, you can get or reset them in your Usersuite.

Setting up the network#

As an alternative to the manual configuration we also offer a configuration assistent. However, we recommend attempting manual configuration first.

The assistant can be found in the here. Please select ”agdsn” as the network on the website.

The configuration for the WLAN is the following:

SSID agdsn
Security WPA2/WPA3 Enterprise
External authentication (EAP method) T(unneled)TLS
Inner Authentication (Phase 2) PAP
CA certificate System validated (Android) or /etc/ssl/certs/ca-certificates.crt (Linux)
Anonymous identity
Username Your username
Password Your WLAN password

If your device doesn't support system validated certificates, use this certificate. You can either select this directly when setting up the network, or store it as a WiFi certificate in the settings of your device beforehand.

(SHA1 fingerprint "SwissSign RSA TLS DV ICA 2021 - 1": 65 AC 56 1F AA FB 7D B1 D0 8E DC 6A 1F 91 94 DB 60 28 D3 88)

The WLAN password can be displayed as well as reset in the Usersuite.

If you're unable to log in to the Usersuite, please contact our Support.


We can already provide full coverage in some dormitories (marked green on the map). You won't need a own router to get wifi access in this dormitories. In some other buildings we can provide only partial coverage (marked yellow on the map). There you'll need your own router to get WLAN in your room. We're planning to provide full coverage for all dormitories in the long term.