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Change of our wifi access data

WiFi Internationales Gästehaus
Written by Markus Ziehe, 2023-09-16. Permalink 

The required configuration for our WiFi's "agdsn" as well as "IGH" must be adjusted until November 13, 2023.

Important: This does not affect the WiFi that your router emits! It only affects "agdsn" and "IGH".

In order to use our WiFi without interruption, you should take action now by changing the following entries in your WiFi configuration:

  • The Anonymous identity is now "". Other entries are not permitted and will not work.
  • If CA certificate has been set, it must either be configured to use the system certificates (depending on the operating system, this option may be called "Use system certificates") or a new certificate must be downloaded and selected.

Starting from November 13, 2023, other configurations will no longer work and will result in the WiFi being no longer usable until the configuration has been adjusted.

You can find more information about the setup of our WiFi including an installation wizard on the corresponding information page.