Arbeitsgemeinschaft Dresdner Studentennetz


The AG Dresdner Studentennetz (Workgroup Students Network Dresden) is a voluntary association of students like you. We are operating the network within the student dormitories Borsbergstraße, Budapesterstraße, Fritz-Löffler Straße 16, Gerokstraße, Gret-Palucca-Straße, Hochschulstraße, Neuberinstraße, Wundtstraße, Zellescher Weg and Zeunerstraße.

Becoming a member

All documents relevant to the membership application and network access in your dormitory can be found here as a compilation that you can print (possibly after completing the forms on your PC) in duplex mode:

To become a member of the AG DSN – which is necessary to get access to our network – you have to follow the instructions below.

  1. Please read this website and the instructions on the following document thoroughly! Please choose the form according to your dormitory.

  2. Fill out two copies of this form in ALL CAPS or on your PC and sign each one. Please write readable.

  3. If you also want to get access to our network, fill in this form, please:

  4. Place the two or three forms in our mailbox or bring them to our office during office hours. Usually they will be processed there immediately and your access to the network will be enabled.

  5. As soon as your application has been processed, your connection will be enabled. Just keep trying to connect.

  6. Usually you should receive one copy and a data sheet about one to two weeks after submitting your application. Your access should work by then. Please label your mailbox properly, otherwise the delivery might not be possible and we have to suspend your access to the network.

  7. Transfer the membership contribution till the end of the month to our local bank account.

Now you are a member of the AG DSN.

Becoming an active member

The student network was created by students like you and is managed and extended by volunteers. If you are interested in our work, just stop by and take a look. You don’t have to study computer science or the like to participate. Many interesting tasks are waiting in the areas of managing of network and computing equipment, software development and maintenance, finances, administration, legal matters and public relations. In addition to good references for your curriculum vitae, you get insights into cool equipment on which you regularly don't get your hands on. We would be very glad to welcome you in our team. Just come over to our office hours or one of our team meetings!