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The Internet does not work, what should I do?#

  • Restart your router or computer.
  • Then check if you have paid the monthly fee on time.
  • See if any maintenance or outages have been announced. You can find them here: You can even activate an e-mail notification, so you will be informed about planned outages.
  • See if the MAC is the correct one. The MAC is often not the one on the back. More about this in the item directly below.

I entered the MAC that is on the back of the router and it doesn't work.#

Unfortunately, the MAC on the back is often not quite correct. A router has several MAC addresses. So if it says "AF-CD-3C-B6-F2-21" on the back, for example, you have to enter "AF-CD-3C-B6-F2-22". So increase the last digit by +1. If there is a 9 at the end, there must be an A. The calculation is hexadecimal. Remember to restart the router after the change and wait up to 15 minutes.

I get a blue error page with "ops this should not happen" or "you are living in another room".#

Restart your router or computer. If the blue error page still says the room is wrong, you can check your room on this website after logging in.

I have transferred but the money does not appear in my account.#

It can take up to 7 days before the money is displayed, because we have to import the money manually. Real-time transfers are not faster. If you are still getting blocked, please contact support.

Where can I find the MAC of my router?#

On the back of the router or in the router settings. With FritzBoxes this is a bit more complicated. See question "Where do I get the MAC address on a FritzBox?".

Where do I get the MAC address on a FritzBox?#

Ask the support.

How long does it take to change a MAC address?#

This may take up to 15 minutes.

Can the membership be paused?#

No, pausing is not possible. See the possibilities on our page for subletting.

How can I terminate my membership?#

See this page.

I am moving, what do I need to do?#

See this page.