Arbeitsgemeinschaft Dresdner Studentennetz


Public Key Infrastructure

The AG DSN support the efforts of the Centre for Information Services and High Performance Computing (ZIH) at TU Dresden and the German Research Network (DFN) to establish a public key infrastructure (PKI). Students at TU Dresden can apply for a user certificate. This certificate enables you to e.g. encrypt Emails, sign documents or to authenticate on the internet with third parties. Some members of the AG DSN have been trained by the ZIH to perform the identity verification for user certificates. Thus, TU students that want to apply for a user certificate do not have to go to the service desk at ZIH. If you are interested in applying for a user certificate free of charge or want more informations on this area, please feel free to talk to us at the office hours or visit us at our meetings.

Encryption with PGP

The AG DSN recommends signing and encrypting Emails with PGP. PGP is a distributed system which uses public and private keys and relies on the web of trust. To build the web of trust it is necessary to sign the keys of other users. For the use of PGP it is recommended to use an Email client like Thunderbird. If you are intrested in deploying PGP or you like to see your keys signed, please visit us during the office hours. We help you to set up PGP and sign your keys.