Arbeitsgemeinschaft Dresdner Studentennetz


Account suspensions due to payment default

Written by Sebastian Schrader, 2015-11-28. Permalink 

All accounts of members in Wundtstraße and Zellescher Weg, that are in payment default for more than 31 days, have been suspended.

Please transfer the overdue semester constribution (incl. late fee) to our bank account. Because it can take a few days until we receive your money, you can contact us directly, to be re-enabled immediately.

Network outage Borsbergstraße

Written by Felix Kluge, 2015-11-26. Permalink 

Dear members,

due to the rollout of two new switches at Borsbergstraße 34 there may be short network outages in the residential home.

General assembly

Borsbergstraße Gerokstraße Hochschulstraße Wundtstraße Zellescher Weg Zeunerstraße
On 2015-11-11. Permalink 

On 2015-11-25 at 8pm our general assembly will take place in the Max-Kade-Foyer at dormitory Gutzkowstraße. We will discuss and decide on changes in our constitution, creating new organizational units ("teams") and our current and future legal standing. More details are given in the official invitation (German only).

Network outage

Wundtstraße Zellescher Weg Borsbergstraße
Written by Friedrich Zahn, 2015-11-04. Permalink 

Due to still unknown reasons there has been a short network outage this morning. The issue is still under investigation, but all users should be able to access the internet again.

Upgrade Uplink Borsbergstraße

Written by Felix Kluge, 2015-10-30. Permalink 

We are going to upgrade the wireless link to 80 GHz. The new device is going to provide a 1000 Mbit uplink in contrast to our current 300 Mbit device. There may be short network outages at the residential home on 2015-10-30.


On 2015-10-30. Permalink 

Liebe Mitglieder,

am 04.11.2014 findet ab 20 Uhr unsere jährliche Sektionsversammlung statt. Interessierte Nutzer laden wir hierzu gern in unser Büro im Keller der Hochschulstr. 46 ein. Neben der Zusammenfassung unserer Arbeit des letzten Jahres werden die Sektionsbeauftragten entlastet und neu gewählt.

Eure AG DSN Sektion Hochschulstraße


On 2015-10-30. Permalink 

Dear members,

for everyone not having paid his semester fees it will be the last chance to do so: everybody not having paid by next Wednesday will be blocked ;)

Kind regards, Janluak

General assembly of division Wundtstraße

Wundtstraße Zellescher Weg
Written by toothstone, 2015-10-28. Permalink 

On wednesday, the 11th of November 2015, at 8:30 pm the annual elections for division Wundtstraße will take place in the Partykeller at Wundtstraße 5. All members of AG DSN are welcome.

Technical Problems

Written by Felix Kluge, 2015-10-26. Permalink 

Since yesterday (2015-10-25), the netzwork connection at Gerokstraße experienced outages. The DHCP-server of the dormitory did not work properly. We fixed the issues about noon, the connection should be stable again.

Open day

Borsbergstraße Gerokstraße Wundtstraße Zellescher Weg
Written by toothstone, 2015-09-24. Permalink 

To speed up the registering of all the new people arriving at Borsbergstraße, Gerokstraße, Wundtstraße and Zellescher Weg, our offices at Wundtstraße 5 and Borsbergstraße 34 will be open on thursday (2015-10-01) from 9 am to 8 pm.

But not only new members are welcome, we are always looking for new volunteers. If you would like to see and learn how a network for 3000 users is run, have a look! There will be tours through our tech rooms.

Office Opening Hours
Wundtstraße 5 9am to 8pm, waffles inclusive!
Borsbergstraße 34 12am bis 8pm (no waffles)