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New finance regulation

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Written by Felix Wollert, 2016-03-20. Permalink 

According to the plenary meeting on March 9th, a new, uniform finance regulation will take effect from April 1st 2016. Beforehand, amount and mode of the contributions differed depending on the local division of the AG DSN.

Summary: The simplest method for you to pay is to transfer 21€ to the respective bank account at the beginning of each semester.


  • Contributions are due monthly
  • The contributions are due the last day of each month
  • If the membership starts after the 14th of a month, the contribution for this month is omitted
  • The contribution amount is 3.50€, which is equivalent to 21€ per semester

The main motivation for this change is to make the contributions more uniform and fair. Members who stay only for a few months will only have to pay for the time they are actually using the network, no registration fee is due anymore.

Furthermore we are working hard to establish the same high-quality (gigabit to each room) network everywhere, especially at the formerly cheaper Gerok-, Borsberg- and Zeunerstraße. We have already put substantial effort into these upgrades.

Finally, uniform regulations will help us to save on time spent on administrative tasks, so that we can provide faster responses on support inquiries and work more on technical improvements.

You can find the full regulation here, please feel free to contact us.