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Written by Felix Kluge, 2016-04-29. Permalink

On the 1st of May short network outages may occur due to necessary software updates on our hardware. The updates may start at 11:00.

Website update

Written by Lukas Juhrich, 2016-04-16. Permalink

After three months, we finally upgraded our self-written website.

As a whole, we have added over 3000 new lines of code. Besides important automated tests we improved the traffic charts – the units are more consistent, and apart from that, the exact amount of traffic is contained in tooltips.

Neue Ergänzungssatzung Sektion Hochschulstraße


Written by Tobias Baumann, 2016-04-14. Permalink

Auf der gestrigen Sektionsversammlung haben wir eine neue Ergänzungssatzung und eine neue Netzordnung verabschiedet. Die Beitragsordnung der AG DSN ist nun auch in unserer Satzung verankert. Die aktualisierten Dokumente findet ihr unter Rechtliches.

General assembly

Borsbergstraße Gerokstraße Hochschulstraße Wundtstraße Zellescher Weg Zeunerstraße

On 2016-04-13. Permalink

On April 27, 2016 at 8pm we have our next general assembly in our Räcknitzhöhe office.

We will discuss the merger of our Borsbergstraße, Gerokstraße, Wundtstraße and Zeunerstraße divisions and decide on changes of our constitution.

More details can be found in the official invitation (German only).

Division assembly

Wundtstraße Zellescher Weg

Written by Lukas Juhrich, 2016-04-06. Permalink

On Wednesday, April 20th 2016, the division Wundtstraße will hold an assembly at the NOC in the “Universa-Haus” on the Räcknitzhöhe. A new treasurer needs to be elected and the division's membership fee regulation requires revision due to being superseded by the general membership fee regulation of the AG DSN.

Network Outage Zeunerstraße


Written by Felix Kluge, 2016-04-04. Permalink

During a modification of the infrastructure at Zeunerstraße 1f some problems appeared in the past view days.

All problems are solved by now. If there are any further issues, please contact us.

Bad Internet connection

Hochschulstraße Wundtstraße Zellescher Weg Borsbergstraße Gerokstraße Zeunerstraße

Written by Jan Braje, 2016-04-04. Permalink

We are currently experiencing some problems with the stability and speed of our network.

We are trying our best to find the errors and are in contact with the ZIH (TUD) for a quick solution.

Update: The cause of the problems is a construction site at Barkhausenbau, our uplink is currently limited to 1Gbps. ZIH hopes to reestablish the usual 10Gbps connection by Thursday.

Office hours April 1st

Borsbergstraße Wundtstraße Zellescher Weg

Written by toothstone, 2016-03-31. Permalink

To speed up the registering of all the new people arriving at Borsbergstraße, Wundtstraße and Zellescher Weg, our office at Wundtstraße 5 will be open on Friday (2016-04-01) from 10am to 6pm.

But not only new members are welcome, we are always looking for new volunteers. If you would like to see and learn how a network for 3000 users is run, have a look!

Sektionsversammlung Hochschulstraße


Written by Tobias Baumann, 2016-03-30. Permalink

Am 13.04.2016 findet ab 20 Uhr eine außerordentliche Sektionsversammlung statt, um unter anderem die neue Beitragsordnung in unserer Sektionssatzung zu verankern.


Hochschulstraße Wundtstraße Zellescher Weg Borsbergstraße Gerokstraße Zeunerstraße

Written by Jan Braje, 2016-03-30. Permalink

Wir werden am 30.3. um 20:00 Uhr einen Spieleabend bei uns im NOC veranstalten.

Wir möchten gerne jedes Mitglied der AG DSN (und gerne auch alle anderen interessierten Studenten) einladen zu kommen. Spielt mit und lernt uns besser kennen :)

NOC: Räcknitzhöhe 35, 01217 Dresden