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New service - HTTP Cache for Steam

All student houses except Gerok- and Hochschulstraße
Written by Friedrich Zahn, 2018-03-03. Permalink 

We are happy to announce a new service for our members, an HTTP cache. Once you enable the service in your usersuite, downloads from the supported services (currently only Steam) are redirected to an internal server, which is caching all downloaded data. Therefore multiple downloads of the same data only need to be fetched from the internet once.

The aim of this service is to reduce bandwidth usage on our uplink to the university, and to provide an improved experience, since our local network is much more capable.

We tested the service extensively, but please be aware that it will never move beyond a beta status, due to the inherent dependencies on the cached services. If you experince problems, we can only provide limited help, and you might have to disable it again.

More technical information, a list of the supported services and know problems can be found here.