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Error in traffic computation

All dormitories except Hochschulstraße

Written by Justin Künzel, Florian Völker, 2019-01-22. Permalink

Original news (2018-08-24): Unfortunately our new user administration system Pycroft still has missing functions. Currently, the traffic credit is not increased by the expected daily 10GiB.
Your credit will continue to decrease!
Therefore we don't block any members at the moment.

We are already working on correcting the error and ask for your understanding!
If you want to help us and become active at AGDSN, this might be interesting for you.

Update (2018-12-04): The error is still present. We will inform you as soon as it is solved.

Update (2019-01-22): Due to the abolishment of the traffic limit the missing feature is no longer relevant.

Upcoming network outage at Wundtstraße 5

Wundtstraße 5

Written by Marcel Beyer, 2018-12-18. Permalink

On Saturday and Sunday, the 5th and 6th of January, we will renew a network rack at Wundtstraße 5.

This will cause network outages in floors 1 to 5 starting at around 10 a.m.

If you still experience problems the next Monday, please use our contact form to notify us.

No office hours over the holiday break

All student houses

Written by Gerrit Hinz, Vincent Knyrim, 2018-12-13. Permalink

Beginning with the 2018-12-21 there will be no office hours until 2019-01-06. The AG DSN takes a break for the holidays.

If there are emergencies, you can still contact us via email. You find the contact form over here.

The AG DSN wishes you merry holidays and a happy new year. We look forward to the next successful year with you.

Upcoming network outage at Budapester Straße

Budapester Straße

Written by Jakob Müller, 2018-11-25. Permalink

On Sunday, 2018-12-02, we will renew the network cabling in the dormitories Budapester Straße 22 & 24.

This will cause network outages starting at around 10 a.m.

If you still experience problems the next day, please use our contact form to notify us.

Update (2018-12-04 13:45): Occasionally, it still came to failures today, but these should now be resolved.

Network outage Gutzkowstraße & Reichenbachstraße

Gutzkowstraße & Reichenbachstraße

Written by Justin Künzel, 2018-11-22. Permalink

Currently, we noticed a network outage in Gutzkowstraße & Reichenbachstraße. We are already working on it.

Update (2018-11-22 00:39): We have solved the problem now. Everything should work again.

Announcement of General Assembly

All members

Written by Friedrich Zahn, 2018-11-21. Permalink

On 2018-12-05 at 7pm the next General Assembly of AG DSN will take place at Max-Kade-Foyer, Gutzkowstraße 29-33, 01069 Dresden.

The main topics will be a second supplementary budget for 2018 and the budget for 2019.

Members of AG DSN can find the full details and agenda in the invitation, but unfortunately only in German.

Repair works at dormitory Zellescher Weg

Zellescher Weg

Written by Florian Lamprecht, 2018-10-25. Permalink

At Sunday the 2018-10-28 we will repair our redundant fibre connections at the dormitory Zellescher Weg. In this time there could be short disruptions in the network connection.

Upcoming network outage at Neuberinstraße


Written by Sebastian Trebbin, 2018-09-24. Permalink

On Wednesday 2018-09-26 the Studentenwerk will improve the radio links to the dormitory Neuberinstraße.

A result is a total network outage at Neuberinstraße. It will last for several hours.

In the evening the network connection should be operational again – with a bit more bandwidth.

Open day on 2018-10-01

All students houses

Written by Vincent Knyrim, Markus Helbig, 2018-09-20. Permalink

To speed up the registration of all the new people arriving for the new semester, our offices at

  • Wundtstraße 5
  • Hochschulstraße 46

will be open all day on Monday (2018-10-01).

Our office at Borsbergstraße 34 will be open from 6 pm on.

But not only new members are welcome, we are always looking for new volunteers. If you would like to see and learn how a network for over 3000 users is run, have a look! There will be tours through our tech rooms and fresh waffles.

Upcoming network outage at Borsberg-, Gerok-, Gret-Palucca- and Neuberinstraße

Borsbergstraße Gerokstraße Gret-Palucca-Straße Neuberinstraße

Written by Friedrich Zahn, 2018-09-10. Permalink

During the next two days (2018-09-11 and 2018-09-12) a Studentenwerk contractor will repair some faulty fiber connections at Gret-Palucca-Straße. We do not have backup links available for all sites connecting through the affected fibres, which will cause some outages at the sites mentioned above.

Due to the short notice we don't have any more detail for now, we will give updates as soon as we know more.

Update (2018-09-11):
Around 9:10am GPS11 and Neuberinstraße went offline, ca. 10:20am the connections were reestablished. Besides some short interruptions to verify the fiber link quality there should be no further problems, by this evening the work should be finished.

Borsi summer party on 2018-09-01

All dormitories

Written by Vincent Knyrim, 2018-08-28. Permalink

This weekend we celebrate the summer and semester break at Borsbergstraße 34 (7th floor). All members of AG DSN are welcome! There will be refreshments in various forms and tastes as well as a barbecue. We start at 7 pm on Saturday and are looking forward to seeing you.

Borsi summer party