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Delayed payment import

All dormitories except Hochschulstraße
Written by Jakob Müller, Vincent Knyrim, 2019-10-30. Permalink 

Due to the realization of the "Revised Directive on Payment Services" (PSD2), we are currently unable to import new banking activity into our administration system.

Therefore, new payments are currently not displayed in the usersuite, although they have already been received.

Of course, until the problem is resolved, there will be no blockages for financial reasons.

Update (2019-11-24):

The underlying problem could not be resolved, yet. However, we established a workaround that allows us to import all transactions (almost) automatically into our administration system again.

Update (2019-11-30):

The transactions of the last few weeks have been processed. Therefore the data in the usersuite should be up to date.

Due to the unusual circumstances we will resume the usual blocking of network access for financial reasons only after 2019-12-06.

We tried to contact all members being in arrears with payment via email. However, not all stored email addresses were correct.

Update (2019-12-16):

The blocking of network access for financial reasons happened on 2019-12-14.