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Upcoming network outages

Blasewitzer Straße Borsbergstraße Gerokstraße Gret-Palucca-Straße Güntzstraße Hoyerswerdaer Straße Marschnerstraße Neuberinstraße

Written by Marcel Beyer, 2019-07-01.

Due to a construction site one of our fibres has to be re-laid. This will lead to network outages at the dormitories Blasewitzer Straße, Borsbergstraße, Gerokstraße, Gret-Palucca-Straße, Güntzstraße, Hoyerswerdaer Straße, Marschnerstraße and Neuberinstraße on 2019-07-01 and 2019-07-02.

It is attempted to finish the works as fast as possible.