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Reduced office hours during lecture-free period


Written by Willi Meißner, 2017-02-23. Permalink

The office hours at our office Borsbergstraße will also only take place on mondays till the beginning of the summer semester 2017.

Reduced office hours during lecture-free period


Written by Sebastian Geisler, 2017-02-08. Permalink

The office hours at our office Hochschulstraße will only take place on mondays till the beginning of the summer semester 2017.

Interruption of Internet connection

All student houses

Written by Friedrich, 2017-01-23. Permalink

As announced by the ZIH there will be an interruption of our connection to the Internet today from 4pm to 11pm. This will affect all student houses. The local network will not be affected.

Network outage Borsbergstraße and Wundtstraße 9

Borsbergstraße Wundtstraße 9

Written by Friedrich, 2017-01-15. Permalink

We need to swap out hardware at Borsbergstraße and Wundtstraße 9. We will start around on 2017-01-15 around 11:30am, there will be network interruptions.


Alle Wohnheime

Written by Felix Kluge, 2016-12-26. Permalink

Am 11.01.2017 um 20 Uhr findet die nächste Vollversammlung der AG DSN im NOC auf der Räcknitzhöhe 35 statt.

Themen der Sitzung sind laut Einladung:

  • Vorstellung von möglichen Kandidaten für die nächsten Vorstandswahlen
  • Beschluss des Haushaltsplans für 2017

Details zur Sitzung inklusive der Tagesordnung sind in der Einladung zu finden.

Office hours over the holiday break

Hochschulstraße International Guesthouse Wundtstraße Zellescher Weg Zeunerstraße Gerokstraße Borsbergstraße

Written by Christoph Kepler, 2016-12-16. Permalink

Begining with the 12/22 there will be no office hours until next year 01/02. The AG DSN takes a break for the holidays.

If there are emergencies you can still contact us via email. You find the contact form over here.

The AG DSN wishes you happy holidays and a happy new year. We look forward to the next successful year with you.

Come together with mulled wine

Borsbergstraße Gerokstraße

Written by Friedrich, 2016-11-30. Permalink

On the 3rd of December, 6pm we invite all members of Borsberg- and Gerokstraße to have a mulled wine with us at Borsbergstraße 34. We will be on the balcony near our office on the 7th floor.


Einladung zur Sektionssitzung und -versammlung

Wundtstraße Zellescher Weg

Written by Peter Hamann, 2016-11-28. Permalink

Hiermit lädt der Vorstand der Sektion Wundtstrasse alle Mitglieder und Gäste zur Sektionssitzung-und versammlung am 12.12.2016 um 21:00 Uhr, ins NOC: Räcknitzhöhe 35, 01217 Dresden, ein.

Die vorläufigen Tagesordnungen:

Tagesordnung der Sektionssitzung

  • Diskussion der Tagesordnung
  • Überprüfung des Protokolls und der gefassten Beschlüsse, Bestätigung der letzten Protokolle (22.11.2016)
  • Sonstiges

Tagesordnung der Sektionsversammlung

  • Organisatorisches
    • Diskussion der Tagesordnung
    • Abstimmungsfähigkeit
  • Überprüfung des Protokolls und der gefassten Beschlüsse, Bestätigung der letzten Protokolle: 22.11.2016
  • Antrag auf die Wahl der lediglich benötigten Sektionsbeauftragten nach Satzung §14 Abs. 3 Satz 1
  • Entlastung des alten Geschäftsführung
  • Wahl eines neuen Geschäftsführung
    • Kandidaten
    • Wahl
  • Sonstiges

Confirmation of New Constitution

All Members

Written by Stefan Haller, 2016-11-25. Permalink

On the 9th of November 2016 our general assembly adopted a new constitution. The constitution was approved by the Studentenrat of TU Dresden yesterday and therefore it is binding from now on.

A summary of the changes is listed below:

  • The termination of passive and active membership is standardized.
  • Team meetings can appoint active members.
  • Some inconsistencies have been removed.
  • Active members can get a reimbursement limited to the amount of the membership contribution.

New payment details

Borsbergstraße Zeunerstraße

Written by Willi Meißner, 2016-11-17. Permalink

Because of a restructuring our payment details for Borsbergstraße and Zeunerstraße have changed. The new one is the same one as at Wundstraße. The bank account is:

Studentenrat TUD - AG DSN
Ostsächsische Sparkasse Dresden
DE61 8505 0300 3120 2195 40
User-ID, Last name, First name, Building/Room

Please use only the new payment details from now. Don't panic if you already made a transaction to the old bank account. This will be no problem. The old bank account will be deactivated towards the end of the year.

New finance regulation

All student houses

Written by Willi Meißner, 2016-11-12. Permalink

We changed our finance regulation at the general assembly on 09/27/2016.

There are two important differences:

  • There is a new Sentence at §2 paragraph 2. It regulate the fee if you terminate your membership before the end of a month. For you is important that you announce your departure before the end of the month.
  • At §2 we add a new paragraph 5. It regulate the repayment of membership fees. You have time period of 31 days now to demand the repayment of overpaid fees.

This changes were made to reduce our additional work so that we can concentrate at more important things (e.g. your support-mails and the maintenance of the network).

You can find the full wording at the finance regulation. This can also be found at the top navigation at Legal Aspects → Finance constitutions.